A former advisory board chair for a Non-profit organization.



A former YMCA Capital Campaign member in Coquitlam.



A former director of the Korean Society of BC for Fraternity and Culture.



A member of the social & public relationship group (Helping new immigrant, refugee, & homeless)



An international trade consultant in Medical & dental equipment.



A former international trade show, dental surgery seminar, training, & continuing education organizer.



An information technology consultant in algorithm and programming. 

A Director of the Korean Veterans Associate Canada West Chapter



A member of Tri-city badminton club.



A former Taekwondo and Judo instructor.



A session of the group sound - the guitar, drums, and a vocal. 



A veteran and community advocate.



My hobbies are in photography, music, and sports.


A pet lover!


sean lee coquitlam 션리 코퀴틀람 밴쿠버 캐나다 연방의원 이제우